Claudia Romiti (Massa 1969) in Tuscany, she attended the Art Institute. She started her career as photographing in the mid-nineties in quality of assistant in a photography studio in Prato (Florence), where she learned  the know-how on digital and analogic photography techniques. For three years she dedicated mostly to commercial photography, but in 2000, the didactic encounter with the photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, changed completely her photographic vision, developing her own way to experiment and research. Claudia Romiti started an investigation on her deep gaze, as it affects the visual perception and the habit of seeing the world of which she is part, including in this analysis her passion for philosophy that will lead to emphasize the ambiguity, inherent in every thing, person and context. Today, her way of working spaces between reportage and personal photographic and expressive research. It is a course on the borderline between documentation and visionary interpretation. Since 2006 she leads photography workshops for research staff, overseeing the exhibition of his students. In 2008 she participated as a reader of the portfolio at the Spazio Forma Photo of Milan. With the photography project ri-Africa, she won first prize Contest - Roberto Del Carlo-Luccaphotofest, and has been awarded as a Finalist in the selection Descubrimientos at PhotoEspaña 2010. Her works have been published by several magazines. She has collaborated with magazine Marie Claire, and her published a book on the author re-Africa, and she published the photobook re-Africa, in collaboration with FNAC Italy. Claudia Romiti has exhibited in personal and collective exhibitions throughout Italy and abroad.


2010  Finalist in the selection Descubrimientos, PhotoEspaña;  Collelctive exhibition in Seville,Valencia and Bilbao, curated by Francisco Carpio.

2009  She wins the first prize at “Roberto Del Carlo - LUCCAdigitalPHOTOcontest ’09”.

selected solo exhibitions and works:

2012 “ri- Africa”Gallery PINTO. Pietrsanta (LU)

2010  ri-Africa. FNAC. Milano, Firenze, Genova, Torino, Roma, Napoli- Italy

2010  ri-Africa WHITE FASHION TRADE SHOW - Milan. Italy

2010  report “Erasmus students” for Marie Claire

2009  ri-Africa. LUCCAdigitalPHOTOcontest ‘09

2007  Gallery PINTO, Pietrasanta - Italy.

2006  Castle of San Terenzo Lerici – Italy.

2005  “Through the eyes of women” Prato – Italy.

selected group exhibitions:

2010  ri-Africa, Gallery Spazio A - Milano

2009  Convivio  Rimini Fiera – Italy.

2008  University Sapienza at the International Festival circuit in Roma.

2008  China Jinan Contemporary International Photography Biennial

2007  “Colleziona” Gallery FORMA International photography Center

2005  Italian Author Photography Centre of Bibbiena – Italy.

2005  “Donne Esposte”. Itinerant exhibition – Torino – Roma – Forlì. Italy.



Catalogo LDPF 2009

Gente di Fotografia Autunno 2009

Marie Claire 12/ 2009

Amica 12/2009

Catalogo Descubrimientos 2010 PHotoEspana

ZOOM Luglio/Agosto 2010

ELLE 09/ 2010

GIOIA 10/ 2010

GEO 10/2010

L’Espresso Febbraio 2010

Marie Claire 10/2010

Catalogo Colleziona Forma 2007

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